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Meet Dr. Paulette Harper

My journey to authorship

When I decided to pursue my writing career, I knew of no other author who could guide me through the process. Those I expressed my aspirations with looked at me with disbelief. Although they may not have openly questioned my goals, I knew that in the back of their minds, they questioned my success. It was the kind of skepticism that whispered, “Oh yeah, we’ve heard that before!” But I never allowed their disbelief to influence the direction I believed God was taking me.

I wasn’t sure where I was going or even how to begin such a journey, but one thing I knew for sure was that I believed in God. I had absolute confidence in Him and I knew that if God had put the desire to write within me, He would definitely give me whatever tools necessary to fulfill His will.  With eleven books added to my library, I now focus on coaching authors and assisting them on how to unlock and expand their creative thinking and creativity. As a creative coach, my clients will learn how to tap into the creativity that is already inside them.



As seen on:

Over the course of my career, I’ve graced the cover of several magazines both online and print. 

I have been asked to speak on many media platforms such as radio and podcast.  

My literary works have been spotlighted in a number of growing publications, including CBN, The Sacramento Observer and Black Pears Magazine.


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For every person who questioned my motives with doubt and disbelief, there were people who also encouraged me, gladly welcoming my books and articles with confidence. They were convinced that the same words that inspired them could also inspire others, and as such, they should be shared with the world. Such encouragement continues to guide me as I write for the Lord today. I stand in awe knowing that God, who does not make a mistake (and does all things well), could use me to translate His very thoughts, intents, and purposes to the world.

I count it a blessing and an honor that God would use me to write books that connect women worldwide, and touch women from every walk of life imaginable. Many of these women desire to find their purpose, and many are in desperate need of emotional, physical, and spiritual wholeness.

I’m blessed that God would use me as a catalyst to share my work with the world.

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