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The Courage To Win

A Faith-Fueled Journey, Uplifting God’s People



In “The Courage to Win: A Faith-Fueled Journey, Uplifting God’s People” both men and women are invited to embark on a transformative journey where faith, determination, and a winning attitude converge to illuminate the path to triumph.

This inspirational book illuminates the remarkable stories of individuals who have faced adversity head-on, armed with an unshakable belief in their abilities and a steadfast commitment to their faith. Across the gender spectrum, these individuals have harnessed the power of courage to transcend challenges and emerge victorious in the face of life’s trials.

As you delve into the pages of “The Courage to Win,” you will find a compelling narrative that showcases the synergy of faith and determination. These qualities serve as the bedrock upon which a winning attitude is cultivated—a mindset that refuses to yield to despair or setbacks.


Book release February/March 2024

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Diverse Perspectives: Joining this collaboration offers authors the opportunity to contribute their unique voices and perspective to a collective narrative. The diversity of experiences and insights will enrich the overall message and resonate with a broader audience.
Amplified Impact: Being part of a collaborative effort amplifies the impact of each author’s message. By uniting under a common theme, authors can collectively reach a larger audience, fostering a more profound and widespread influence.
Community Building: Collaborating on a book provides authors with the chance to connect with like-minded individuals who share a commitment to the theme of courage and faith. This community can offer support, encouragement, and potential future collaborations.
Personal Growth: The process of collaborating on a book can be a transformative journey for authors. It challenges them to articulate their thoughts within the context of a broader theme, fostering personal growth and honing their writing skills in a collaborative setting.

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  • You do not have to be a professional writer.
  • We work with you personally to help you put your story on paper and maintain your voice.

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Visibility Masterclass Beyond The Book


Purpose and Visibility Expert

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One 45-Minute Customised Coaching Session

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Multi-Author Book Publishing Package Includes:

Professionally edited bio & chapter.
Private Facebook Group to stay connected and network with the other authors.
Your name included on the  back cover with photo.
Four live group coaching sessions on Zoom for training and project updates. All sessions will be recorded and provided for all co-authors.
Professional interior book layout and design.
1:1 coaching available for those who need personalized coaching to develop your chapter.
Book published on Amazon in paperback & Kindle.
Amazon best seller  & presale campaign.
Templates on how to make your story engaging.

Co-Author Committment

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Submit a professional high quality headshot by January 26th


Submit a 150-word bio by Jan 11th, 2024


Submit a 2000-word chapter by Jan 11th, 2024


Each co-author agrees to purchase a minimum of 25 books during ordering dates set by the Compiler at wholesale price to sell at a retail price while retaining 100% of the proceeds




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Dr. Paulette Harper is a best-selling, two-time award-winning author of fifteen books and a leader in the literary marketplace.

She is the founder of One-Story University & Coaching Academy and Write Now Literary Book Tours, where she specializes in producing anthologies and serves as the self-publishing coach to aspiring authors providing author coaching, marketing, and business coaching to entrepreneurs.

She is the visionary author of nine #1 bestselling book collaborations- “Arise From The Ashes, Women Who Soar,” “Resilience in Hard Times,” “For Such A Time As This,” and “The Breaking Point”, “I Survived The Storm,” When Queens Rise,” and “Women with Unshakeable Faith”… creating over 100+ best-selling authors.

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