Her passion is to encourage, and empower women to walk in courage and confidence as they grasp their true identity as a child of God. 

Paulette Harper is a two-time award-winning best-selling author of both fiction and nonfiction books. She is a speaker, pastor, coach and literary strategist. Her mission is to help women find hope through transformation, restoration and reclaiming their lives via workshops, conferences and seminars.
As an inspirational speaker, Paulette’s presentations are inspiring, enriching and encouraging. Her ability to share and connect with her audiences comes from her own life’s journey and experiences.
Paulette’s desire is to empower, influence and cultivate women to move forward while dealing with issues that hinder them from fulfilling their God-given purpose.
Combining enthusiasm with an energetic speaking style, audiences describe Paulette’s presentation as inspiring, enriching and encouraging. She is committed to delivering a message that is always uplifting and edifying. Her messages come from her own life’s history.
Paulette’s motto: “I’ve committed my life to helping women who have experienced emotional trauma. Therefore, I teach women how to change the narrative and turn those painful experiences into impactful transformational stories.”
Paulette is available for speaking engagements, breakout sessions, panel discussions and workshops.
She can also customize a topic for your specific needs and would love to assist you with your next women’s event.
Paulette’s Speaking Topics include but are not limited to:

The Blessings of Rejection
When the Odds are Against You
You Shall Recover All
Built to Stand

Popular Ministry Topics

Built To Stand

The Blessings of Rejection

Unlocking the Treasure  

Have you ever just wanted to run from trouble, test or problems? I have.!

Making decisions out of our emotions, or on a whim or impulse can have dire conquences. This is what happens when we panic during our trials and tests.

What separates us from others is the ability to obey the scriptures. 
Life’s problems don’t discriminate… problems come to us all. 

We all have either been rejected by an employer, a school, a sports team, rejected by family, friends or rejected by a spouse.

I believe there are different degrees of rejection... some rejections don't sting or hurt like others  
But nothing stings more than being rejected by someone you love, someone who wouldn't fight for you or someone who doesn't love you to the same degree that you love them. 
That type of rejection digs real deep and is on a totally different level.

There are no two vessels the same. Just like us. We are all vessels, but each one of us are different. We have different personalities, different gifts, different flaws, strength and weaknesses. Our ages are different and our spiritual levels are different. 
But there is a commonality amongst us...

We all have been broken, we've been crushed, we all have scars and we all have cracks in us.

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Workshop Facilitator

Writing Workshops and Conferences. 

Some of most popular topics are: Becoming a Published Author, How to Promote, I’m Published, Now What, Self- Publishing and Setting Goals. .
Paulette can also customize a topic for your specific needs. She is available for seminars, conferences, retreats, and luncheons and would love to assist you with your next women’s event. 
When I wrote my first book in 2008, I was so excited and enthused. I took a good look at how far I had gotten and what things I had learned. My desire to share my tips, tools and resources is something God has placed within my heart. I love coaching new writers and helping them take those first steps toward publication.  
Have you ever thought about writing a book but just don’t know where to being? Join us as we conduct one of our exciting “Write Now” workshops. These workshops are designed to provide new, aspiring writers with tools, information and resources to bring the dream of writing a book into reality. Whether you’re an aspiring writer or established author, the Write Now! Workshop is for you. Write Now is no ordinary writer’s workshop, our workshops are facilitated by some of the best in the business. You’ll have an opportunity to converse one-on-one with an award-winning, best-selling authors and publishers.
Write Now Literary Workshop topics include:
Becoming a Published Author: This workshop will explain the ins and outs of becoming a published author. Where to begin? What does it take? What are the trials and rewards? What not to do and what to do.
How to Promote:
This workshop will cover methods an author can use to enhance the publisher’s promotion from no cost to low cost methods.
I’m Published, Now What? This workshop will take you through the next steps after your book is complete.
Self- Publishing: This workshop will outline what it means to self-publish and the difference between traditional publishing.
Setting Goals: We all need them. This workshop will show you how to set goals and the importance of accountability.
Topics for: Library/Literary Event.
Meet the Author: An evening or afternoon to meet an award-winning author. Learn how she got started and where her career has led her. What lessons has she learned? What are the truths and myths of being an author? Laugh and learn about the day in the life of a writer.
Dealing with Distractions: Not a good word in this industry. This workshop will show you how to put things in proper order so you can complete your manuscript.
Promoting: This workshop will provide ideas, suggestions and coach you on how to promote and market your book. What to do and what not to do in promoting.

Visual Storytellers
“Her preaching challenges women to move to higher levels in God. Paulette’s passion for her ministry is authentic and appointed by God.”

- C. Layton
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