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Arise From the ashes
Arise from the Ashes, are stories of hope from women from all walks of life. These women have gone through the fire, walked in places that others dare not tread, but women who are not ashamed of their scars and willing to bare it all. They share their journey of going from trials to triumph and pain to purpose. Arise from the Ashes is filled with inspiration, wisdom and life’s lessons from women who have endured personal pain and have come through empowered, encouraged and victorious.
Completely Whole
Completely Whole takes you on a journey of Wholeness by identifying areas that hinder us from becoming whole— spirit, soul and body. Trauma (stress, shock, suffering, pain, hurts) impacts everyone at one point or another. It has the ability to leave scars embedded in our hearts and in our souls. We know we hurt don’t know how deep the pain goes until we find ourselves trying to hide behind the pain through temporary remedies that leave us still not healed.
Living Separate Lives
Four Friends, One Secret and The Weekend That Changed Their Destiny
Candace Walker, Kaylan Smith, Jordan Tate, and Tiffany Thomas have their share of sorrows, but neither of them realizes how deep the sorrow goes. What happens when they agree to meet for a weekend of relaxation in beautiful Napa County? Which one will leave the same or worse?
For Candace Walker, life has left her battered and bruised. Kaylan Smith has struggled with prejudice from her in-laws. After fifteen years of marriage, bitterness is trying to raise its ugly head for Jordan Tate, whose husband wants to call it quits. And for Tiffany Thomas, dealing with rejection has never been one of her greatest feats.
The Scriptures In color
The Scriptures in Color is a beautifully collection of promises from the Bible. Inside the pages of this book are verses that will help you meditate on His word as you RELAX. UNWIND. BREATHE. Sometimes we need to block out the noise and spend some quiet time with the Lord. So grab your coloring pencils and let your imagination flow. 
Faith For Every Mountain
Are you struggling with your faith? Are you easily moved by situations beyond your control? If your answer is yes, then this book is for you. It’s written to encourage, motivate and challenge you to live a life that pleases God. It is His desire that all His children have a foundation that is not rocked or shaken by the trials and pitfalls of life. Faith For Every Mountain is one short read and should be added to your arsenal as a believer.
Secret Places Revealed
He wasn't looking for love.
She was running from the pain.
One encounter changed it all.
Single—and very content—real estate developer Aaron Blackman is determined not to become involved in another relationship. He’s experienced enough drama to last a lifetime. The only thing garnering his attention now is his growing business. And he plans to keep it that way. Then ....
That Was then, This Is Now
How could God have a purpose for me amidst this mess? Why do such bad things happen to good people?
If you've recently asked yourself these questions, Paulette Harper's That Was Then, This is Now has the answers. Struggling to recover from a broken marriage and disappointed dreams, Paulette Harper gropes for meaning and understanding. And through her searching, God reveals Himself to her in ways she never before imagined possible. By sharing her struggles with transparency, she illustrates how a heart attitude of surrender allows God to use a broken vessel for His ultimate plans of glory.
Women Who Soar
Women Who Soar is a book collaboration project of women who stepped out on faith, launched their own businesses and released their dreams and purposes into the world. These powerful women have dispelled lies, overcome difficult challenges, refused to take no for an answer and are now soaring and creating the life they deserve. Their stories are moving, revealing, encouraging and empowering. They have resolved to use their testimony to pave the way for other women to soar into their destiny.
Princess Nevaeh
Six year old Nevaeh wants to be something she already is —a princess. Do you know a little girl that doesn’t know she is loved or even beautiful? Do we as parents, grandparents, or guardians reinforce and give our little ones daily affirmation? Princess Nevaeh, Lessons on Self-Discovery covers topics that are important not only to parents but also to our little girls.
Find out how Mimi shares with her granddaughter the things that matter most
Praise for Paulette's Books
Karen Rodgers -Editor
5.0 out of 5 stars 
Powerful and Encouraging Book
In this season when so many women feel compelled to hide behind the mask of “I’m good, my life is just fine,” while going through a fiery trial, it is so refreshing to read the stories of seven women who went through their own earth-shaking, faith-testing, personal hell, and had the audacity to share both the test and the triumph with the world. I was so blessed and encouraged by the strength, candor and tenacity of each woman’s journey. No two stories are alike except that they tell the story of a faithful God who promises to never leave nor forsake us during our storm. Arise from the Ashes is a wonderful reminder that we can endure hard trials and come out shouting the victory.
So if you’re looking for a compilation of stories about women like you, who have been through something and have overcome, this one is for you.

5.0 out of 5 stars 
Amazing Read
Author Paulette Harper, you did that! This was an amazing read that showcased how phenomenal the Holy Spirit truly is when He works in the lives of God's people. This book made you believe that nothing past, present, or in the future is powerful enough to prevent love. I only wished the author would have took Aaron & Simone to the alter (book 2 is in the making hopefully)! I would definitely recommend this book to singles ministries, to those who may be facing gamble problems, and also to those who may have lost love and are afraid to allow love to embrace their lives. It was well worth the money I paid for it and I am definitely waiting to read more from this author.

Cassandra H.
5.0 out of 5 stars 
Follow God's Plan for Your Life
I am so glad I read this book, it was just what I needed to help me and confirmation of what God has for me. I love how the author uses scriptures and life examples to explain what may be going on in your life, God's Word, your faith, belief and trust in him will sustain you.
In reading this book I saw myself because of the things in life I have gone through in 2010 and even now. I felt like a mini Job, but I stayed focus on God's Word and my mantra is "God's got me". I know God has a plan for me and I am a willing vessel to do the assignment he has given me and use my spiritual gifts.
This book is an excellent read and would make a good Bible Study tool to use and discuss. Also this is a book that you can bless and gift to someone.
Thank you Paulette Harper for listening to God and writing this book .
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When I purchased this book, I knew it would be good. However, I didn't know it was going to be JUST what I needed at that time. See there are times when we have pressed on in faith and every now and then get weary. Even though we are told not to grow weary, in our flesh it happens. Faith For Every Mountain is a "POWER Packed" book that will encourage you, meet you where you are and help you to move on in JOY knowing that you have been armed with instruction and can handle every mountain JUST as JESUS Did!! We are created in his image and CAN DO what HE DID and MORE. This gem will be one that you want to come back and read often. This is a book I will be recommending to friends.
- Dr. Taffy Wagner
Faith For EVERY, not some, but EVERY Mountain. Packs a Punch!
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